Happy New Year! 2019

The beginning of the new year is when most people begin making resolutions.  Consider your garden or yard.  Is there a project or replanting you’d always thought of doing?  Now while the garden is sleeping – is the opportunity to read on that shrub, tree or plantings that you would like to add. Think native!  […]

Spring! It finally looks like Spring!

  It’s chilly mornings that warm up gently as if nature is awakening from its long winter nap that lets us know Spring is here.  Trees are blooming, flowers with colors of the rainbow are displaying the season’s beauty.   The garden is alive with the sounds of nature.  Birds are chirping, a woodpecker is […]


This is the season for traditional daffodils to begin their showy bloom season of yellow, white, and yellow petals along with the many new varieties that are grown today.  Daffodils are a bulb that is also considered a hardy, easy perennial to grown here in the Mid-Atlantic region by some gardeners.   Daffodil is in the […]

Hellebore – Lenten Rose

Hellebore- aka Lenten Rose (Helleborus-Orientalist) Hellebore is a perennial that is sure to draw one in to get a closer look.  Hellebores have been called, “The Finest Perennial for Your Garden”.  Hellebores come in a variety of colors, form, and petal design.  These beautiful beauties are often the first to be seen in late winter, […]

Longwood Garden “Orchid Extravaganza”

  With all the snow gone from the ground, and freezing temperatures in the past where else would one want to be?  Longwood Gardens, it was so wonderful to stroll the various gardens that will soon be awakening with the gifts of spring.  The anticipation of what’s to come makes the stroll just a little […]

Let’s Get Forcing Bulbs

  Hello again, with the new year comes all the things that need to be done after enjoying the holidays.  It’s amazing how quick decorations go up.  Crazy how long it takes to put them away.   For us gardeners, we are waiting for spring.  There are only 37 days until the arrival of Spring on […]

Berks County Feels Winter

        Here in Berks County, Schools are closed, due to road conditions – so if you don’t need to go out, stay in. Gusting, howling winds are whipping the cold icy snow around before landing on roads, trees, shrubs, anywhere it pleases.  The bare trees sway to nature’s tune, while the boxwood […]