Where do the gardeners gather?

Where do the gardeners gather someone asked me, I paused for a moment then replied : Home Gardeners’ School – This years Home Gardeners’ School is March 9th (2013) It is a day filled with wonderful information on various topics of gardening from Gardening 101 – vegetables, summer bulbs, and my favorite “Whos’ who of Garden Insects”. There are many more class choices. Lawn, ornamental, ponds and even Bonsai. Yup, Master Gardeners are there to try to answer hard questions. The Keynote Speaker will be Carol Long, Associate Curator, Winterthur Garden. If interested, contact Penn State Extension at 610-378-1327.

The other place is the Berks County Horticulture Club. It’s really cool, a combination of master gardeners, professionals and home gardeners who come together to share gardening information and outings. Great fun Group.

Then there is a group who enjoy Natives plants and share and also do outings, for information contact the Berks County Horticulture Club – which is on the web Berkshortclub.org

This is useful information I’ve enjoyed sharing. Gardening is such a simply thing to do and can be done just about anywhere in anything. The snow is still around outside but the dream of a colorful full garden is within sight…for those of you who do cold weather vegetables it time to pick out seeds or wait a few weeks to purchase seedlings. USDA has Berks County as zone 6 depending on which part of the county 6a /6b. Here are a few spinach, lettuce, kale, broccoli, beets, cauliflower and brussels sprouts. Happy gardening until later, El


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