The Tomato is a Fruit in the Vegetable World….

Yes, you read right our beloved tomato is actually a fruit. According to the USDA there are 25,000 tomato varieties. With all those varieties there are two types of growing varieties, determinate and indeterminate.
The Determinate tomato is called shrub variety which usually grow 3-4 feet. They flower – fruit and bear fruit usually between 10-12 weeks. This variety does well in pots and does well with the help of a tomato cage to aid with the weight of the fruit. Another thing about this variety is it seems to produce all its tomatoes in a time frame of 10 days – 2 weeks.

Then there are the vining variety called indeterminate which flower – fruit throughout the entire growing season and up till frost. This variety requires staking or tomato caging.

Hybrids are usually a name of “regular” variety that is genetically altered for mass shipping and store shelf life.

The jewel of the tomato world in my opinion are the “heirloom” variety – once eaten your taste buds will always recall that full favor of that thin skin tomato that grew from pollinated flowers.
Heirloom seeds are the seeds that have been passed on for least 40 years. Another cool thing about the heirloom tomato, you can buy seeds and grow your own. There are many varieties be prepared for the shapes and colors of these tomatoes. Tomato plants need at least six hours of sun a day

A great book I have enjoy reading that is so full of great information, “The Heirloom Life Gardener” by Jere and Emilee Gettle and Meghan Sutherland. This is one book worth having.
Happy gardening, El


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