Roses, Roses and more fragrant roses….

Just found out “The central feature at the Pennsylvania Flower Show will be a re-creation of “Buckingham Palace Gates”. Roses in fragrant shades of “coral, peach and pink” will abound. English roses have been written about by the likes of Shakespeare, Milton and Wordsworth. American writers Longfellow, E.A. Robinson have also made references of roses in their writing. Perhaps more fragrant roses will make a resurgence here in America. David Austin offers traditional English Roses. For more information: ( David Austin Roses will send a free catalog). Berks County : American Rose Society – Reading Berks Rose Society contact: & 610-926-4428.

What to do with that newly received miniature rose……I received a miniature rose plant for Valentines’ as I’m sure others did too. The best way to care for that new plant is to keep it watered but not soaked, keep away from a draft, fertilize at least once a month and place in a sunny location. I like to use a product like osmocote that is a three-month use release fertilizer. When the weather gets warmer it will be time to transplant this gem into a larger container. Until later, El


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