Getting ready for the Garden…

The time is drawing closer to getting back into the garden. Before that happens tools should be cleaned, it’s a simple and effective way to prevent the spread of bacteria that can cause plant disease. Use a 3 part water to 2 part bleach and soak for 10 minutes. (Clorox free disposable disinfectant wipes can be used to clean the surfaces by wiping them down) Continue washing tools in hot soapy water with gloved (rubber) hands use a steel wool pad to aid in getting off any rust that may be there. When clean and dry this will help prevent rust from developing. If by chance rust is still there, soak tools over night in white distilled vinegar and scrub with a steel wool pad. After tools are clean and dry apply a little vegetable oil to shovels and shears to prevent rusting. Cleaning tools can extend their garden life. This is a great way to start the planting season. Spring cleaning with a garden twist.

Another valuable tool every gardener needs, is a good pair of gloves that enable the wearer to plant, prune and mulch. I prefer light weight flexible gloves. There are short wrist gloves, mid-fore arm and long gloves. Oh, the choices…leather, fabric and breathable cotton. Begin with a good pair. Try the gloves on, remember the saying “fits like a glove”. Where are those catalogs, within the pages of seeds galore are gloves. Just because we garden doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be fashionable. There are still more tools to talk about and how to put together a useful tool kit/bucket…first lets clean those tools. I can almost see the sparkling reflection dancing off my spade as I use it in “Spring” wearing my fashionable task appropriate gloves. Off to clean those tools….until later, El


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