“Brilliant”! Yes, The Philadelphia Flower Show Shines!

DSCF2377The anticipation was well worth the drive on Sunday morning to take in the wonderful floral interpretation of Great Britain.

The adventure begins with entering thru a set of gates replica of the grand gates at Buckingham Palace. Upon entering “Big Ben” stands high rotating photos of various images to the Beatles music as you pass thru the gates. The whimsical magic begins. The scent of various flowers fill the air and trees loom above planted beds of perennials, annuals and bulbs. Visions of whats to come flood your mind as you try to decide where to begin your tour of this “Brilliant” display. Roses are used in many arrangements for all to enjoy. Along with “Best of Show” to “Honorable Mention” plantings from spring bulbs to potted plants in various sizes. Not to be forgotten the art work done with rose petals, dried flowers and “The Power of Poop” – converting wastewater to energy.

There so much to see, the “British Crown Jewels”, ” Mad Hatter’s Tea Party”,  and “Jack the Ripper”.  Prepare to stroll past a British cricket club. There is a variety of English flare to enhance this truly remarkable event. Until later, El

Yes, The Philadelphia Flower Show, is in one word, “Brilliant”!



One thought on ““Brilliant”! Yes, The Philadelphia Flower Show Shines!

  1. This year’s flower show certainly will be one to remember- the animated Big Ben brought a special zest to the show- and the Beatles tribute was stunning.
    The shopping court was much more diverse with plenty of British products.
    Now I can’t wait for Spring.

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