The Dream of Spring Remains….

DSCF2433 Spring is getting closer everyday, attending the Flower Show was the shot in the arm needed to keep an eye on what can be done.  Gather the seeds, soil and planting containers for seed starting.  

When beginning always start with clean growing containers.  I like to use a commercial potting soil like miracle-grow.  I know some like to use a soil less product, again it’s a personal choice.  I find the other dries out thus requiring more attention.  On the back of the seed packet are the planting directions follow, water not drown.  A grow light is what I use in the beginning along with placing clear plastic over the soil.  This helps keep the soil warm and enables the seeds to begin their growing cycle. The seed warming pad is also a great way to keep the seeds soil warm  some have a thermostat    As the seedings begin to sprout I continue to raise the light .  I also have placed my planting close to a basement window for additional light.  I rotate my plantings to ensure evenness.

Yes, the days are beginning to get longer soon time will be moving an hour ahead….while the dream of spring is still a dream.  Until later, El


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