Spring’s March Equinox arrives March 20th this year!


The excitement of St. Patrick’s this Sunday…. adds to the thrill of the official arrival of  the “Spring Equinox” one could say  “Spring is in the air”!

Spring will bring the showing of crocus, daffodils, tulips and hyacinth as if they are stretching from the awaking earth to greet us.  As the blooming flowers sway to the early sweet songs of our native birds and the peeping of newly hatched young.  Yes, the earth will be waking up to share its wonder for all to enjoy! Forsythia will wave us to come closer. 

To be ready to greet “Spring” consider what type of look to use on entry ways,  driveways and porches.  Planting can be started in the container that is going to be used.  Consider what type of light the planter will be in and conditions.  Those little plant sticks inside plants should provide enough information, so with that information begin putting together the color scheme.  There are so many combinations.  Consider this when planning your container, thriller(tall eye-catching), filler, and spiller (cascading/vining).   I usually start with my thriller and build around it with my fillers followed by the spiller.  This is the time to be daring and try new color and texture combinations…spring allows colorful dreams to take shape in pots, urns and whatever you want to grow something in.   Butterfly and hummingbird favorites can also be incorporated into these new combinations.

As I am writing, on a bare branch outside my window is a red cardinal as it goes from spot to spot I remember the feeder may need to be filled.  Spring isn’t here yet and our feathered friends still appreciate feeders. Off to check the feeders, until later El

On WEEU- “Jack Holcomb talks about birds along with other creatures in our local environment”.  (830-AM WEEU Jack’s Backyard on Saturday 8-10 AM)


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