“An Early Peek in the Garden”

DSCF2414This afternoon the sun has made an appearance to remind us that it’s Spring even if the temperatures don’t. A garden walkabout can done, this is a fun opportunity to wander through the garden and decide where to begin the spring planting bed…Be careful not to trample the ground – this will compact the soil. Mulch that is there now can be fluffed gently. Plants that still need dead-heading can be done. It’s been written, that springs’ warm temperatures have been known to come as late as Mother’s Day in May, with that in mind…dreaming about what can be achieved can further enhance the joy of gardening with eyes wide as you peek in your garden. Planting perennials and natives plants always helps bring pollinators into our gardens and that enables our environment to be a piece of the bigger picture. Common names that fit in most gardens with ease and great benefits asters, bee balm, cardinal-flower, evening primrose, verbena and milkweed, just to name a few.

Soon, the colorful bulbs of spring will just about everywhere florist, grocery stores, garden stores and road side stands. I am a flower junkie and enjoy the immediate gratification from buying blooming flowers until mine bloom. When these bulbs have finished flowering they can be planted in the garden for next year. (plant with bulb fertilizer). We can bring the feeling of Spring in our homes, offices and cabins. Then, there is the Easter Lily so beautiful and fragrant. The pollen is a yellow-orange color on the anthers inside the bloom have been known to stain. (These can be snipped off easily). Off for a quick walkabout before it gets dark and colder. Until later, El

A wonderful book that expresses the importance of “How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens is” Bring Nature Home by Douglas W. Tallamy.


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