Ah Spring Break!

Oriential Garden
Oriential Garden

Ah, Spring Break is here and coming to an end….the opportunity to go to Jensen Beach, Florida for five warm sunny days was just to good to ignore.  So, here I am at the beach listening to the sound of the waves washing upon the shore, between attending great baseball games.  I can understand the draw for baseball franchises to want to have Spring Training camps here.

The flowers here are more in the tropical venue, although many varieties of plants from all over America can be found here.  While here I have visited the Heathcote Botanical Gardens.  The Heathcote Botanical Gardens, is in a quiet part of town with a variety of gardens to please the eye as well as relax the mind as you stroll the grounds.  The air is filled with soft sounds of running water as you enter the Oriental styled garden, with its walk over bridge you can gaze down into the pond where koi fish are peacefully swimming.

There is a lot to see, as the native birds fly above and local wild life scurry in the planted ferns.   The “Bonsai Exhibit” was being featured..today rain is forcasted for this afternoon and rain it did.  More to follow…..until later, El


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