Compost..What is it?


Compost is the decomposition of organic material such as grass trimming, leaves, fruit, flower and vegetable remnants.   It is nature’s way of recycling, accelerated with human intervention.   Anything that lived once will decompose. 

In order to assure successful results there are four ingredients that need to be combined  :  Greens – grass trimming, fresh leaves, fruit skins, ripe fruit, veggies, green garden debris.   Greens provide the nitrogen rich material which combine with the Browns – dried leaves, woodchips, cardboard ( in small pieces), newspaper ( shredded/small pieces) and crushed egg shells that become the carbon.  Water – helps create a moist warm environment that allows micro organisms to do their job effectively.  It is at this point that the pile will begin to cook.  Air is needed for the organisms to thrive.  Aerating aka turning/stirring your compost will ensure that the needed air is there.  It also helps reduce any odor that may have occurred while helping your organic materials breakdown/decompose faster.  That means your rich compost will be garden ready sooner.  And that is a good thing! 


Composting is a great way to recycle yard waste and kitchen waste.  Dairy products along with meat of any kind are not to be added to the compost pile, neither are cat or dog feces.

 There are many types of composting bins.  Some are made of wood, plastic and wire.  There is also the non-enclosure passive composting.  Where the compost ingredients are place in a part of the garden left to decompose at a slow rate.  Composting is a natural way to improve your soils structure while at the same time your plants will enjoy the benefits from the macro and micro nutrients in Your compost.  If you are unsure, begin small and become secure then go bigger.  Enjoy the experience until later, El 

PS..Penn State Berks Extension @ 610-378-1327 has the plastic round bins.  offer a variety of options..  how to build one..


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