Pollinators are Beginning to Return…….

Two Bumble Bees buzzing in a tree.
Two Bumble Bees buzzing in a tree.

It’s only been 36 days since the arrival of Spring, and the garden pollinators are  beginning to return a little at a time.  While out in the garden I happen to spy  bumble bees and wasps.  They were on my azaleas and in my Cherry Tree. 

  With the monarchs  butterflies not far behind, my  thoughts race to be sure there are plants for them to rest and feed upon within my garden.  Monarch butterflies use milkweed leaves for their larvae, which become the well-known “hungry caterpillar”who only eat plants in the milkweed family (Asclepius tuberosa aka butterfly weed).  Plants that are great to attract pollinators are both native and nonnative.  Your neighborhood nursery can be your oyster, just be sure to note the location you plan to plant your new prize.  “Right Place – Right Plant” four important words to say to yourself.  With all the colorful chooses, remember to consider planters, planting pots for those extra plantings that can’t find the right place within the garden bed.  It is still to cool at night to plant tender perennials or tender annuals.  In my next writing we will get into creating a pollinator garden.  Today’s warm weather made the wait for another warm day even harder. I guess it’s true “April showers bring May flowers”….  Until later, El

Ps. I think there is pollen on the one back leg…can you see it too? 



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