Pollinators….Sweet Pollinators…Come Near..


Butterflies are so beautiful, when they flutter through the air, it’s almost magical.  So lets create a habitat that would invite them into your world – it is so easy!

Things to take into consideration:  A sunny location that is wind gust free for butterflies to sun.  Did you know butterflies are actually cold bloodied.  So when the temperature is 73 degrees and below – the butterfly will stop and warm up their tender wing muscles so they are able to fly.  A flat large rock works well for your butterflies to spread their wings in the sun.  A Water source can be as simple as a large round planter saucer filled with water close to their food supply.  Butterflies prefer nectar bearing plants.  Nectar is sugary rich to help ensure energy when fling.

Here are a few Plants that are well-known for attracting butterflies:

Milkweed, Butterfly bush, Sunflowers, Black-eyed Susan, Yarrow, Joe Pye Weed( there are new varieties that are shorter than the 6 ft ), Bee Balm, Zinnias, Lantana, Lilies, Coneflower, Phlox, Marigolds, Coreopsis, Asters, Verbena.  purples, pinks, red, yellow, orange and white have been proven to attract butterflies.  Milkweed is where the Monarch lays its larvae for the cycle of the butterfly to continue.  Black Swallowtail need parsley, fennel, dill to lay their larvae. 

There are even herbs that can attract and be intermingled with flowers.  A few are Dill, Oregano, Thyme, Mints, Parsnip and Parsley.

These wonderful plants can be grown in containers with success, as the invitation for butterflies to come and come they will.  Along with their other pollinating friends honey bee, bumble bee and the hummingbird moth which is a day fling moth that resembles a hummingbird – except it is smaller and wider.  They really enjoy butterfly bushes in purples.  I had so many last year.

All of the listed plants can be purchased at local nurseries as well as the “Big Box Stores”.  Feeders can be put out for hummingbirds as well as deep-throated flowers petunias, foxglove and trumpet vine just to name a few. There are still more plants that I haven’t even mentioned, below is a couple of links to futher help in your butterfly and pollinator garden.  Have fun and enjoy putting your garden together knowing you are helping promote sustainable pollinators.  Until later, El

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2 thoughts on “Pollinators….Sweet Pollinators…Come Near..

  1. I really enjoy this blog. I live in San Diego and found it while surfing the net. Very informative. I can tell you really enjoy gardening!

  2. Hi! I’m a big butterfly fan too! I notice that the butterflies around our home seem to love the bouganvilla in our back yard. In the front, just as you say Gardener Elda, we have several large rocks where they can be seen opening folding their beautiful, delicate wings. I had no idea we had provided a bit of a refuge … what a wonderful bit of serendipity! Thanks for your blog!

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