Happy Mother’s Day!

DSCF2433I awoke this morning not really sure what expect, after all the rain the evening before.  As I make my way to the window and pull the shade, I wonder what sounds do I hear outside.  In an instant the morning sun is streaming into my room and the new leaves on the trees are gently swaying in soft wind.  In the background is the faint sound of birds outside, along with footsteps coming up the stairs accompanied by the rattling of plates and silverware, and the aroma of coffee.  Yes, it’s Mother’s Day!  A day reserved for Mom’s to receive flowers, plants and for some breakfast in bed.  

This is the weekend of flowers being bought, given and planted in “Love”.  There is a book, ” The Language of Flowers” that was written by a man to his wife.   An A to Z of flower names along with what it represented from the early 1900’s.  This book came to mind after an afternoon of driving and stopping along the Mennonite  family flower stands and greenhouses chatting and admiring the wonderful flower baskets.  The “Wayside Flower Stand” is very  rural in nature, but has a nice selection of plants and hanging baskets  from annuals to perennials .   Along with fresh-cut bouquets, fresh fruit and vegetables.  You will feel as if you have stepped back to a simple time.  I even ran into people I knew, who were looking for that special flower or plant for that certain” Loved One”.  Ebenshades, which in its self is a treasure trove of gardening stuff & plants, flowers and trees.   With again more road side nurseries, plant stands to stop and see.  You know the best gift to give is one you’d buy for yourself.  So don’t feel bad if you pick-up an extra or two.

 Mother’s Day is here and came with flowers given an recieved and flowers to plant.   “Flowers the  Language of Love”, Wishing you and yours a Happy Mother’s Day!  Until later, El

“The Language of Flowers” – copyrighted by Margaret Pickston


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