The Cicadas Are Coming…

By now, some of us are waiting for the dreaded cicada to make their appearance.  Fox News, has stated ” billions are forecasted to emerge”.  They are about to crawl out of about 1/2 inch hole in the ground and  shed their encasing to make their way up into the trees and branches to begin their very loud mating  song that goes on all day and night.  Cicadas are roughly two inches long with really big red eyes, along with transparent wings that have orange veins going through them.  After mating the cicadas lay eggs, die and fall down to the ground.   They look down right creepy…good thing they only emerge every 13-17 years.

 According to, some have been sighted in Lancaster, Pa.  Along with what has been written, Cicadas are expected here sometime during the end of May into early June.  I am including the sighting website that updates daily, which has stated the sightings in Lancaster.  These invaders will be here for a few weeks when they arrive. 

Looking at the bright side of this, the birds will be well feed.  Some like entomologist  Isa Betancort, of Drexel University has stated, “the bugs were a delicacy”, calling them “the shrimp of the land”.  I have no plans of tasting cicadas, but if you want too, the University of Maryland Cicadamaniacs, have put together a cookbook that has various ways to prepare cicadas, even “cicada banana bread”….share your tasty experience if you decide to cook some up.

So many things to still do in the garden, weeding, mulching and planting newly acquired plants…I sure don’t to be in the garden with cicada emerging. Just thinking that might be a great time to visit indoor arboretums.  Until later, El




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