Garden Worms ….after the heavy rain.

At last the rain has stopped, and in the aftermath I have found lots of worms.  The large and small worms have found their way to the surface of the soil.  For some unknown reason the worms are in the open air.  I have often wondered why after a rain the worms make their way out covering the gray slate that lies in the corner of garden.   I have read many different opinions as to why and some are interesting.  Some has speculated it is to mate  – while others have stated that the soil has become so wet, the worms have no option but to emerge.  Like a great calling, the worms seem to respond to the rain.  Could be something as simple as the rain changes the make up of the soil.   Or just the ph of the soil has changed.  Worms are hermaphrodites, or in other words, they are both female and male.  Some variety of worms enjoy shallow soil, while others like the red wiggler enjoy the deeper depths.

 Worms are natures little soil aerator as they wiggle through the soil eating while enhancing the soil thru their excretions.  Worms don’t see as humans, rather they feel vibrations and react.  I have noticed that as the sun makes it way to the slate in the garden, the worms have made their descent back into the earth.  

Worms are needed the garden and through out the yard.  Some people vermicompost – which is composting using worms.  Vermicomposting is ideal for condominium living, or those who have little yard waste and want to compost kitchen scrapes.  Although there are wonderful kitchen scrape containers that hold non-meat or dairy and are later added to the composting bin.  Worms will also be found in the composting bin, usually farther down at ground level.

Yes, I found the worms interesting today, as I did my other chores, just knowing that below the ground the magical world of the worm is active and will appear again – maybe.  The next time we have rain like this last storm, I will find myself looking to see if the worms will again make their way to the surface and cover the garden slate.  Until later, El

PS…I’ll be sure to take a photo to share.


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