Welcome into my Garden…..

049Hello Again!  This certainly has been a spring to remember.   Today, no rain, no gale force winds, just the warm sun, the buzzing sounds of bees, along with the gentle cascading sound of the fountain in the back ground.  

Lots of things going on in the garden, roses and day lilies blooming.  Monarda (aka bergamot / bee balm)  beginning to bloom along with Shasta daisy (leucanthemum x superbum- Becky), cone flower ( Echinacea) and lavender.  One of my favorite perennials and considered by some to be the perfect perennial; the Day Lily – Stella de Oros.  These gems are drought tolerant, adaptable to various soil conditions, while thriving in various light conditions.  Most varieties will bloom from Spring thru Fall.  With these wonderful planting you can plant for constant color, by using multiple varieties.  Here are a few of mine.

Danity Eyes - Stella de Oro -rebloomer
Danity Eyes – Stella de Oro -rebloomer

Deer don’t enjoy munching on day lilies, in fact Day Lilies are nearly disease resistaint, while requiring very little care.

"Good Impression"-Stella de Oro - reblooms
“Good Impression”-Stella de Oro – reblooms

Now that “Summer” is here – there seems to be so many things to do, dead heading, weeding and general cleaning up.  Also, replanting old favorites to a new bed.  then taking time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labors.  While sittting here on the patio, I happen to catch sight of a very beautiful red -“” Northern Cardinal”, while the “Cat Bird” sings its song from the shrubs across the way.  The day is closing,  I need to put away a couple of yard tools.  Yes, today “life was good”.  Until later, El

Calico Spider-Stella-de-Oro - mid season rebloomer till early Aug.
Calico Spider-Stella-de-Oro – mid season rebloomer till early Aug.
Russian Sage, Azalea, Rhododendron, & Box wood
Russian Sage, Azalea,
Rhododendron, & Box wood

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