“Rainy Day & Monday “…….

               049Good Morning Friends,  looks as if the rain has decided to come to Berks County again today, as passing thunderstorms.  On the bright side, it won’t rain all day and we won’t need to water.  So there is something positive.

Last evening was very nice, the garden has its own way to sing its evening song.  The toad in his tone aids the night birds song, as we watch the skies for twinkling stars.  Somewhere beyond the garden gate, in the near side meadow the lone firefly flutters , the oh so familiar song of the crickets play.  Still as the evening becomes night, I still find the wild weed  growing in the not right place and feel the need to pull it.

The firefly who is so mystical in stories and fables of yesterday, is actually Pennsylvania’s State Insect.  Yes, its true!  Our beloved firefly/ lighting bug is actually a small beetle” who by day helps rid our gardens of pesky snails, slugs and aphids which are fireflies main food”.  Fireflies have been known to enjoy flower nectar occasional.  By night the firefly lightens up our evening nights with their fickering flying almost magical show in the air.


Everyone can attract this wonderful enchanting firefly to their yard and gardens by simple planting wildflowers, native favorites would be best.  Not only would you attract fireflies, but other beneficial pollinators such as butterflies, dragonflies  and birds.   In a small way you, would become one of many who would be making Berks County a haven for native pollinators along with migrating birds and butterflies.  Did you know that Dragonflies are considered pollinators along with being predators of mosquitoes.  They too, have a place in our yards and gardens.

  With all this rain, just remember to empty standing water after a few days to deter any mosquitoes lava from hatching, along with emptying  bird bath water too .  Which where I am heading out to do, since more rain is expected.  Until later, El

 Site for Firefly Information:  http://byteland.org/naturalist/infirefly_faq.html


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