Here Comes the Sun…….


What a wonderful morning! Sun shinning, birds singing and the garden awaking to greet the day.  This is truly a wonderful time of  the day. The humidity has not yet begun, the morning dew is still upon the grass, leaves and some of the beautiful flowers.  It’s almost as if all is perfect in the world.  Two days of sun shine, along with the promise of more to come.  Yes, it is going to be a heat wave, so remember to keep your garden watered.   I have snapped a few photos to share.  Enjoy!

Update:  The Limelight Hydrangea – Paniculata is doing really well.  The blooms  are beginning.   The shape will be cone like, this variety is hardy.  As  Limelight grows, I will continue to update you on its progress. 

Limelight - Hydrangea -paniculata - hardy.
Limelight – Hydrangea -paniculata – hardy.

This variety was said to begin blooming in mid-summer, and it is.  The blooms are pale  but will take on a Chartreuse –  color as the flower ages.   This hydrangea will flower into Autumn.  Another plus, “Limelight” -paniculata can be dried and used in arrangements.  Nice.

Here is a small flower that carries a lot of punch!  Here comes the Sun - 001  Verbena – “Bright Eye” – this a spreader, flowers from spring to fall.  Does need deadheading. Of course this gem shouldn’t be allowed to dry out if in a planter.  In fact I keep water in the dish so that the plant can take up what it needs.  I have found that keeping the soil moist works well along with beginning the season with a slow release fertilizer like osmocote.  While we were having all that rain, I brought my plant in.  Verbena can be used as a ground cover, used on rock walls.  This variety is an annual, although there is a perennial variety :  Trailing Verbena – canadensis- herbaceous perennial.  Heat and drought tolerant.   

   While in the garden , who should reappear?  My swallow-tailed friends who really enjoy the Butterfly Bush – The variety is Buddleia-davidii-perennial-aka Butterfly bush, some have called it a shrub.   This plant is heat tolerant, requires full sun and has been called the “butterfly magnet”.  Plant this and butterflies will come.  So will hummingbirds.  This plant has made it on to the invasive  list.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          pollinators in the garden 004

Another flower that attracts butterflies and other pollinators is Purple Coneflower: Echinacea purpure- herbaceous – perennial in the daisy family.  This variety will bloom till fall, while growing 2-3 feet tall.   You can snip these and place them in a vase and enjoy.    Got to go for now.  Until later, El                                                                                                         Here comes the Sun - 004


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