Destination: The Summer Garden…….


Here it is mid-summer, flowers blooming, bees buzzing, and butterflies fluttering from flower to flower and beyond the garden fence.  This is the season of abundance, gardens over grow their intended spaces.  Vegetables entangle among their  growing mates.  Natures unseen singers sing their wonderful song.  Today, I wanted to take in the garden and all its visitors from nature, so I put my garden tools down.  Set up laptop with my camera near by to catch a few photos to share – enjoy!

There are the sounds of cicadas, the crickets and the soft breeze that gently caresses the wind chimes to chime.  Sometimes, its easy to forget about all the wildlife that actually exist among us. 

… Hidden upon the leaf is a smartly camouflaged praying mantis.

Praying manthis -
Praying mantis –

Praying mantis are insects because they have a head, thorax and abdomen.  Praying mantis are very beneficial to gardeners, by eating other insects.  Did you know that praying Mathis can turn their heads almost 180 degrees.  Yup, these are the good insects. 

Birds, are another garden friend.  As I was sitting on the patio an inquisitive cat bird comes near as if to say, ” what’s up”!

7-27-2013 2 014 I must admit is really peaceful to just take time to enjoy the great outdoors in ones own yard, without working in it. To hear the water fountain intermingled with the life sounds is so amazing.  A bee just buzzed past, looked like a bumble bee.

7-27-2013 2 024Along with the bees, birds there are of course beautiful butterflies.  Spotted this Eastern Pristine black swallowtail fluttering about, so beautiful.

Eastern Pristine Swallowtail
Eastern Pristine Swallowtail

Cats sure have the life, this is Espen our calico, who enjoys being everywhere we are.  Through out the garden tucked here in there is water where our garden friends can get a drink, here I found a green frog sunning ….

 green frog

This is a green frog is carnivores, it likes to eat insects, moths, worms and cricket.  Yup, another garden friend. 

   The Tiger Swallowtail has made a wonderful addition to todays journey.

july 27of 2013 073

I hope this small journey through my garden has encouraged you enjoy your garden/yard and all the splendor of Nature.    Until later, El


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