The Blue Moon and the Garden….

049The upcoming full moon, August 20th – August 21st  is called “A Blue Moon”, is the third full moon of four in a season, which will begin from “dusk to dawn”. For years farmers have used the moon to aid in planting crops.

With Summer plantings coming to the end of their growing season, and cooler evenings, cool crop planting are best considered now for planting for fall harvest. Cool weather crops are beets, kale, cauliflower, swiss chard and onions  just to name a few. According to Farmers Almanac, ” August 22 – August 23 would be good to plant root plants along with vine crops”.  With August 31st, the best day to plant all cool weather plants.

This Blue Moon has been called other names, ” Grain Moon, Green Corn Moon and the Sturgeon Moon.  Farmers have been guided for generations by the writings of “Farmers Almanac”. 

Some ask, “does the moon turn blue”?  ” The moon would look blue in color, if you are near a volcanic eruption or a certain kind of wildfire that throws particles of fine grained smoke  and dusk into the atmosphere.   So that only blue light is filtered through will you see an actual blue colored moon.”  But we will see a wonderful full moon.   

                                                                                         hummingbird 013

This afternoon I was able to capture a hummingbird on the patio, and it was awesome becasue the little bird was almost still – at the cana.

    hummingbird 005          This little hummingbird has been coming to this cana for a few days.

Update on the melampodium:     As shown filling back in wonderfully.  Fall colors are also beginning to show in the garden.    The garden is doing well – now to dead head some plantings and start thinking of where to add bulbs .  Until later, El

                 hummingbird 010


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