September in the Garden……

049                                                    September has arrived, leaving behind the memories of Summer with its sending a child off to College, short trips and the end of getting up when you please…Ah the joy of it all. 

September brings the opportunity to look within your garden and decide what you want to do.  So with note pad / clip board take a walkabout.  Note any plants that you may want to divide or move or even add.  I did a walkabout and have decided I will need to relocate my peonies.  It has out grown its current place.    When transplanting your peonies keep in mind that you want 3 to 5 eyes (which are pinkish / white) nubs at the base of the plant.  The eyes along with a middle finger (4 to 6 inches) of root matter.  Trim off any skinny danglers, that helps keep your divisions tidy and easier to work with.  Peonies are very easy to please, plant them shallow,  no deeper the two inches in well-drained soil with  some sun.  Here in Berks with clay soil amend with compost to make a happy flowering peonies.  Peonies can be used to create a hedge with mass plantings.  Some have ask about the ants, the ants are drawn to the sweet sap that comes from the full buds and they are harmless.  Another way to enjoy the fragrant flower of the peonies is to clip with stem foliage and place in water.

September 1-2013 031

A wonderful place to go for planting ideas is the “Reading Public museum”  which sponsors “The Arboretum of the Reading Museum”.   It has a very peaceful feeling.  As you stroll through the garden walkways that run along a running stream that  has wooden walking bridges across.  As you walk along the pathway you walk in to “Trudy’s Garden”.There is also the portion of the pathway that is planted along with being maintained by the” Reading Garden Club”.    Wildlife enhance the streams beauty along with the native plantings. September 1-2013 032

the heart in Trudy's Garden
the heart in Trudy’s Garden

September 1-2013 018

There is much more to see and discover at the Reading Museum Arboretum and it’s free….go and enjoy!  Until later El

flowering container
flowering container

Here is the homepage for the Reading Museum:  http:/


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