A Chelsea Morning…..


   This  morning I woke to the sun streaming through my window, it was as if I was experiencing ” Chelsea Morning” by Joni Mitchell.  Some where in the distance down stairs I could here the morning news…no cars , no bells or whistles.  Just the gentle song of the sweet birds at my feeders.  As I peer out the window, I see the beautiful oak leaves that have fallen to the ground looking like a wonderful red, orange-yellow quit., after all it is Autumn.  The weather has surprised us by bringing the warmth of Summer for us to enjoy.  As I check out the garden beds, I see the flowers too are enjoying this gift, of warm weather.                             oct. 2 2013 011

Autumn brings to mind all the fall events that make fall memorable like picking fresh apples for pies, apple cider.  Lets not forget pumpkins both for decorating and baking yummy pumpkin rolls and pies.  Yes, Autumn is here even if the weather is warm.  Here is a web site that maps orchards by zip codes…enjoy!        


Delphinium are beginning to open their delicate buds on their tall spikes, just as oct. 2 2013 012 the Black Eyed Susan’s are beginning to stop.  Delphinium are a perennial – prefer full sun and are part of a genus that has 300 species and in the family “Ranunculaceae”.   The tall varieties  are refered to as “elatum” (tall) variety, they can grow up to 6 -7 feet tall.  Delphinium can be sown in early spring (only when fear of frost has past) and mid summer ( at least two months before frost).  Seeds can be sown directly into the garden with germination usually between “8-15 days”, with the new plantings flowering the following year.                                        oct. 2 2013 013    Just a word of caution:  Delphinium – all parts are poisonous.  Keep this plant away from children.  I have planted this in the back of the garden bed.

Update:  Limelight flowers turning a slight strawberry color, decided to stake for added support.

                                 oct. 2 2013 015

So, even if the weather doesn’t say, ” Fall”, the brilliant  colors of flowers and  leaves of fall are here for all to enjoy.   Until later, El


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