Bulbs for inside and outside for Spring color……


     Hello, today is the day we are going to talk a little bit about bulbs.  Bulbs have a place inside your home as well as in your garden.   Bulbs can be ordered on-line, bulbs can be purchased at our neighborhood nursery, and purchased at the big box stores.  The Paperwhite bulbs and pictures being shown in this piece are from Esbenshades’ Greenhouse.  Thank you, for allowing me to take  photos .                                                             bulbs 022

     Their variety of bulbs to choose from is extensive, from early spring, mid-spring and late spring.  Then of course there are colors to complement anyone’s garden and home.  I found the personnel to be friendly as well as helpful.                                 bulbs 013

To force your bulbs there are two ways:  First way:  soil mixed with a little peat moss, planting container and a sunny location.   Add moist soil mixture, place bulbs, so that 1/3 of the bulb is pointing up.                                                                                     

top/tip of bulb plant up
top/tip of bulb plant up


  Paperwhites, are the quickest bulb to get to bloom indoors, by forcing.

bottom of bulb with roots
bottom of bulb with roots
bulbs planted 2/3 in soil
bulbs planted 2/3 in soil



bulbs in stones being forced
bulbs in stones being forced

 Bulbs can be forced by placing bottom of bulb, surround by rocks/stones so that just the very bottom is touching the water.   After flowering “these bulbs will most likely not rebloom and can be added to the compost pile”.

Did you know tulips and hyacinths bulbs can can be forced, but they will take a little longer and require cool, dark storing form 10-12 weeks.  We will talk more about this later, after you’ve had time to go and see all the bulbs that are out there and available to plant.  Enjoy!  Until later, El

Web links:  Esbenshade’s Greenhouse – Mohnton, PA :  www.esbenshades.com

Brecks –   Bulbs from Holland :  www.brecks.com/ 

bulbs 001



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