Amsterdam – Holland – Bulbs and so much more…….

 Holland - Amstedam 067We arrived here  in Amsterdam- Holland this morning.  It was a long flight from Newark, but well worth the ride.   As we departed from our flight we were greeted by stands of flowers, tulips both flowering in bouquets as well as bulbs in just about any color.  As everyone knows the wooden clog has always been a part of Holland, just like the windmills.  Before we even left the airport we saw wonderful displays of tulips, roses and other perennial flowers as well as annuals for sale thru out the airport.  I had the need to share. Holland - Amstedam 069 The bouquets were just beautiful, the combinations were very nice.

Holland - Amstedam 070Holland - Amstedam 072 Later in the day we made our way over to the Horrus Botanicus – Amsterdam and it was misty with a cool dewy feeling as we roamed through the grounds.  More pictures to follow…enjoy the pictures .  Until, later El Holland - Amstedam 074


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