The Polar Vortex has Arrivied….

Cumru 1-7-14
Cumru 1-7-14

  The cold bitter temperatures have arrived with the Polar Vortex.  ” The air from the North Pole is being moved in a circular motion by strong upper level winds, that are persistent in a counter-clockwise direction.  These persistent winds make it feel any where from 15 to 20 degrees colder.  Which are normal around the North Pole.  A distortion occurs and allows the bitter polar air with winds to make its way into our part of the world by using the jet stream to invade our weather patterns.  This occurrence can happen in more than one regions of our planet”.  

 “According to Farmers Almanac, January 7th and 8th are “Barren Days”.  I’ say they are right on that.  For more : 

Mark your calendar, Home Gardeners School – March 15th, 2014…presented by the Penn State Extension and Master Gardeners.  These classes fill up fast – for more information :

Also happening, Jan. 8th – Marcia Fehl and Marydel from The Pennsylvania Heartland Herb Society will give a presentation regarding, “Fairy Gardens”.  Program is free & open to the public – there will also be a silent auction…refreshements served….This is being presented by Berks horticulture Club.  ( 

Which brings to mind, that now is also a great time to give thought to some ornamental plantings that could become a focal point within your garden in the Spring.  A Oak-Leaf Hydrangea  –  Snow Queen – quercifolia – is one of my favorites, it is nice shrub type that will work well in a small garden.  Snow Queen will begin its showy white blossoms in early Summer just as many other bloomers are becoming exhausted.   Summer Glow Tamarisk (Tamarix ramosissiuma –  Rosea) this is a pink flowering planting that also works within a small garden – even though it can grow up to 8 feet, it can be pruned to accommodate a small garden.  Summer Glow Tamarisk  – Rosea will flower early thru midsummer and delight you with airy silvery leaves. 

The wind is still blowing , temperatures are still close to below zero and the moon has shown its self in the night sky, stay warm.  Until later, El                                                                                        

Bo, enjoying the warm fire..Cumru 1-7-14
Bo, enjoying the warm fire..Cumru 1-7-14

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