Spring Equinox : Brings the Dream of Spring Colors March 20th

                                                                                             019As the Vernal Spring equinox arrives to announce the beginning of a new season, the landscape still bares remains of the last snow fall.  The vernal equinox happens when, the sun moves between hemispheres over the celestial equator, with “Earths’ tilt on its axis orbit around the sun and ceaseless motion in orbit”.  The sun will rise from “the east and set due west.” 

As if a timer has gone off, Mother Nature brings the promise of a new color palate, sure to please.  The first spring bulbs, perky crocus will make their appearance emerging up through the scattered snow remnants.  While the fragrant hyacinth, tulip and daffodil follow to make their Spring debut.  Yes, Spring is here!

According to the Farmers’ Almanac – March 19th – thru March 21st is a good time to start seeds. (www.farmersalmanac.com)

Now is also a wonderful time to make the “garden to do list”  – so that the you don’t over do in one day.007                                                                                                                                                                                             

Spring 2014 Daffodils

Spring 2014 Daffodils

Spring 2014 Daffodils

Spring 2014 Daffodils

     Take a few minutes and walk through your garden, you will be pleasantly surprized!  Until later, El

PS…there is a Berks County Horticulture Club meeting, April 9th – 2014 at 7 pm – http://berkshortclub.org/events



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