M/G vegetable demo garden.. Earth boxes growing peppers , eggplant and tomatoes. 2015

It’s mid-summer and early morning. The sun is spreading across the lawn.  The long  shadows, combined with the still, dewy grass just made fall seem a little closer. That’s ok, it helps with preparing the soil for those wonderful fall vegetables, while the soil is still warm. What typically gets planted for fall harvesting? Cold weather vegetables, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, chives, kale, peas, lettuce just to name a few. At this point you could purchase seed, sprout seeds or use purchased transplants.

Preparing for the fall planting can begin.  The soil will be much warmer then  in spring. When planting, make sure you allow your plantings to get 4-6 hours of sun.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Prepare your soil –soil is the backbone of your garden. Amend if possible with compost and /or organic matter. Some vegetables are heavy feeders, while some are listed as medium feeds and light feeders. They will require fertilizing. It’s always beneficial to plant crops together by their fertilizing requirements.
  2. Plan your planting area – 4 ft. X 4 ft. – then subdivide in 1 ft. squares. ( see photos M/G demo vegetable garden)

    M/G vegetable demo garden. Row planting with one ft. square spacing 2015
  3. Plant transplants (transplants allow for a long growing period – unless you sprouted your seeding.)
  4. Pack the soil gently but firmly up against the plants to keep out air pockets.
  5. Keep tender roots moist, not drenched.
  6. Lightly mulch to help keep moist and protected.

Be creative. Try planting flowers and herbs among your garden. Lavender and Rosemary are used by many along with nasturtium.  Pictured are various garden growing ideas.

M/G vegetable garden. row with spring planting with new fall season crops 2015.
M/G vegetable garden. row with spring planting with new fall season crops 2015.

Did you know that there is a bean variety that will grow as a shrub?  Yup! See the  photo they look great.


M/G vegetable demo garden. Bush beans planted in one ft square. 2015
M/G vegetable demo garden. Bush beans planted in one ft square. 2015




Take a good look at your plants within your garden. If any damage is present remove those pieces. Weeding can be done, decide if plants need to be moved for more space and which ones would be better in another place. I encourage you to take photos of your gardens. A garden picture can do two things: let you see how nice it looks while allowing you to judge if you like it or changes are needed. Perhaps more color is wanted. Take notes to use to get to know your garden.  Well now you have plenty to do – enjoy!  Until later, El


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