Spring Fades to Summer….


There is so much to catch up on in the garden, morning birds make their way to the feeders in anticipation,  as the sweet soft cooing of the morning dove fills the air as I sip my morning Joe.   This spring has been one for the books, the cool weather crops have had a nice extended season.    The El Nino effect is predicted to end in early summer.  Summer officially begins June 20th when the Summer Solstice greets us at 7:02 am here in the Northern hemisphere with the sharing of the longest daylight day. Then that same evening we will be treated by what the Algonquin tribe called “The Full Strawberry Moon.  In Europe it’s called the Rose Moon.

Now would be the time to plant those summer vegetable crops if you haven’t already, before it gets too hot.  Plant where your plantings will receive at least 6 hours of full sun – very important for the plant is water as well.   You can also tuck veggies in among your flowers.  The pollinators will be happy & so will your garden.  If you find yourself roaming through the garden searching for flowering plants, you’re not alone.  Butterflies have been fluttering about the garden as if to say hello.  Front stoop and patio containers can still be done: 1 thriller (tall back plant); 2 filler (plant that will bush); 3 spiller (plantings that cascade). Keep in mind the plants you choose are a fit for the location – Right plant-Right place.



7-27-2013 2 001
Eastern Pristine Swallowtail

Most people enjoy the scent of fresh herbs. Plant some herbs so that when you pass by you brush them and their scent will fill your senses.  Herbs can be used in so many ways other than cooking.  Try to use some for cocktail beverages – sweet basil, English lavender flowers, and rosemary. Then there is elderflower and not to be forgotten mint, there are a wide variety of mints to choose from.  Word of caution – mint is a very aggressive growing plant.  I grow my in a container, I learned the hard way.

Summer food faire always seems to include Mexican food.  Whether it’s salsa for chips, no taco is complete without cilantro.   These are herbs to have on hand in the garden.  Cilantro, marjoram, oregano, thyme and parsley can be dried to be used in winter.  Herbs are so wonderful their uses are limited only to what you decide.   It has be noted that when thyme is used in a dish that is frozen the flavor is “more pronounced”.   Herbs that you use most offend can be staggered planted as well.

Last but not least be sure to enjoy your garden, it could be your favorite place to relax…    Until later,  El


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