Hello again, here we are entering some of the last grey days of Winter.  The sun was peeking out for felt like a moment or two…but has returned to shades of grey.  The air is quiet except for far away sound of a lone rooster. Who knew that they could crow whenever besides at the break of dawn.  Did you know roosters and crowing is depended upon their breed and their individual personalities as well as warning that predators are nearby and proclaiming their territory.

As I continue my walk about within the  garden, my only company grey squirrels that scurry around foraging for acorns that are hidden under the last of the fallen leaves or under the cover of matted mulch.

The days will begin to get longer little by little as we near the Spring Equinox, which is March 20th – seven Mondays away, here in the Northern Hemisphere.  So far Mother Nature has been quite kind this winter in Berks county.  I can remember having snow as late as Easter here, so we could still see snow.

As I continue my stroll, I spy things that still need to be done for a clean spring garden bed.

  1. Clean up any fallen debris from trees overhead, leaves, branches and acorns.
  2. Trim the well dried flower heads that were left for birds and winter interest.
  3. Clean up any dead perennial plantings that need tiding up.
  4. Fluff up dried matted down mulch.

Why?  Fluffing the mulch allows air and water to circulate to reach down to plants roots and bulbs for spring. Fallen leaves can build up and actually build a barrier blocking water from your plants roots.  Along with promoting various bacteria or fungus, which inhibit your ability to have a problem free garden.   This why it is always a good idea to take a few minutes to wonder about your garden and yard to keep up on its progress.  A little work here and there help with ensuring a healthy growing environment.  Spring will be soon enough, then the real work will begin.

Until later, El




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