Hello I’m Elda-Anne Robinson, an avid gardener, garden Elda (2)coach, speaker and Master Gardener with the Penn State Extension in Berks County.   I have been involved with the Reading Public Museum Arboretum Volunteer Program, along with being an active member in the Berks Horticulture Club, The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, The Xerces Society and The Nature Conservancy.

We all have a passion  and gardening is one of mine.  It is important to consider what your gardening objective is along with the impact on our environment that it will have.  Sustainability is a must.

There are many ways to garden: container, small gardens , herb, flower and the home vegetable garden. There are raised beds for the handicapped along with scent gardens .  All of these are the right fit for the right person.  I enjoy guiding gardeners on the path they feel best suits them. It’s the best feeling seeing someone enjoy what we’ve worked to complete for them. 

I am new to  blog writing and yet excited about possibly encouraging others to pick up a trowel and garden.   Happy Gardening.  Until later, El


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