Berks County Feels Winter

        Here in Berks County, Schools are closed, due to road conditions – so if you don’t need to go out, stay in. Gusting, howling winds are whipping the cold icy snow around before landing on roads, trees, shrubs, anywhere it pleases.  The bare trees sway to nature’s tune, while the boxwood […]

Winter is here! Winter brings many changes besides bone chilly cold temperatures, it also brings the New Year 2018.  This January will be a month filled with two full moons aka as “Supermoons”. The first will be on New Years Day, it’s called the Full Wolf Moon.  The end of the month January 31st will […]

Trees Glorious Trees

    Trees come in so many shapes and sizes as I stroll down the trail beside the rolling creek at Gring’s Mill. It’s so peaceful, the moist cool air feels like a very light rain on my skin, under the gray sky. The sporadic soft wind swirls as if to embrace me.  Leaves drift […]

 Fall is here and if you have any doubt just turn an ear to hear the collective bang, bong, and the gentle thud. As Mother nature’s orchestra rings in the new season…Fall!

Fall in the garden can be very satisfying.  Fall offers the opportunity to harvest herbs and enjoy the enrichment they can bring to your table throughout the winter.  There are a few ways to dry your freshly gathered herbs. It’s best to harvest herbs in mid-morning after the morning dew has dried before the sun […]

A Summer Rain in the Garden…

It’s mid-summer July and in  my studio, I hear the pitter-patter of the summer rain and as I look out the window the sun is playing peek-a-boo among the rain clouds.  Everything is so green, the humming-bird at the feeder was caught by surprise as well.  The adventurous side of me draws me out to […]

Hello again, here we are entering some of the last grey days of Winter.  The sun was peeking out for felt like a moment or two…but has returned to shades of grey.  The air is quiet except for far away sound of a lone rooster. Who knew that they could crow whenever besides at the […]