Spring Fades to Summer….

There is so much to catch up on in the garden, morning birds make their way to the feeders in anticipation,  as the sweet soft cooing of the morning dove fills the air as I sip my morning Joe.   This spring has been one for the books, the cool weather crops have had a nice […]

Spring Brings It’s Colorful Presence

Spring is here!  Validation of this fact can be seen all through Berks County and beyond with the blooming of crocus, glory of the snow, daffodils and the soon to follow tulips. Now would be the time to consider what direction you would like your garden or patio to go.  Butterfly and Hummingbird gardens are […]

Fall is the Season!

Fall is here with all its majestic colors we have come to associate with the fall season. There are a few other perks that come with fall. The ability to forge among apple orchards for the perfect apple for apple baking recipes. Let’s not forget the fresh pressed apple cider, which waits for you & […]

It’s mid-summer and early morning. The sun is spreading across the lawn.  The long  shadows, combined with the still, dewy grass just made fall seem a little closer. That’s ok, it helps with preparing the soil for those wonderful fall vegetables, while the soil is still warm. What typically gets planted for fall harvesting? Cold […]

Ever have the kind of day in the garden that makes you step back in amazement? Let me share with you a glimpse into my garden adventure ….   It began mid-morning while weeding on a rather large slope that I have been trying to create a garden backdrop. Like a painter painting but using […]

“Summer Garden Experince” – Trial Gardens

Saturday began with myself and a bus load of Penn State Master Gardeners off to “Summer Garden Experience”. An event that takes place at the PSU Southeast Research Farm, Landisville Variety Trials in Manheim, PA. The anticipation of what lay ahead for the day was enhanced by the opportunity to socialize with fellow Master Gardeners. […]